Step into the future of online mentorship.

Everyone needs a mentor to achieve their career goals. We bring a wide variety of experienced mentors from different industries such as tech, marketing, finance, design, entrepreneurship and more.

On our app, you can book a 1:1 personalized mentorship session that includes: resume making, career guidance and much more, with any mentor of your choice. Watch free videos made by mentors, participate in challenges designed by mentors, interact with peers on our feed section. You learn, earn points and get rewarded. Isn't it cool?

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Mentorship meets Gamification. The World's first gamified mentorship platform.

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What is Acoto?

There is no second thought on the pain students and professionals face in finding someone who can give the correct guidance and strategies to help them with career problems.

Acoto made it possible by bringing mentors from your dream companies and wide variety of roles to provide you with everything that you need.

We believe you can achieve anything with ease if someone who has already travelled your path, helps you.

It is not any other mentorship platform. We use gamification to help you learn and grow with mentors and your peers on our app.

You gain points with everything you do on our platform, and in return you get rewards from us, it's simple :)

How it works?

Learn on the go.

Sow a seed for success by watching free videos made by our mentors. Easy access to knowledge - anytime and anywhere.
Found your favourite mentor? Book a personalized mentorship session and know how you can achieve your goals.

No more hassle in contacting unknown people on e-mail and chats.
We know most of the time you don't even get a reply right?

Experiencing the real fun.

Access to a feed where you can showcase your skills, achievements or discuss issues specific to your career.
Participate in challenges created by our mentors to upskill yourself.

Scared of interviews?

Select the mentor you want to practice with and effortlessly book an interview preparation session with the mentors who have sailed through it.

Get actionable feedback scores to determine where you stand. Also, a chance to get a referral from mentors if they feel you deserve it.

Finally, get on the boat to your destination.

Get a number of career opportunities on our career portal as you keep preparing with your mentors and peers.
Apply directly through our app for a number of career opportunities available to you.
Stand a chance to get other exciting career opportunities based on how well you did on our app.

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